Google Ads (Adwords)

Google Ads (AdWords) is an online advertising service where businesses pay to display advertises to web users, more specifically through Google platforms such as YouTube (Video Advertising), the Google Search Network (Search Advertising), Display Network (Banner advertising through Google Partners websites) and Mobile Advertising. One of the most powerful tools Google gives us is the ability to choose who we want to advertise to geographically and by demographic. This ensures that our ads are targeted to the right people to maximise their cost-effectiveness.


  • Search Advertising: This is the most popular and most effective way of advertising with Google. Search advertising places ads mostly in text format in relevant Google Search results. This way you can target your advertisments diplay based specific keywords other people search for. This is by far the most customizable form of advertising Google offers.
  • Banner Advertising: This is a very good choice for branding, remarketing, special offers or sales. Banner advertising places small vertical or horizontal banners in webpages relevant to the service or product you offer. These websites are Google certified so you don't have to worry about their legitimacy.
  • Video AdvertisingAny video uploaded to YouTube can be an advertisement. Pre roll video ads appear before other videos on YouTube. Other video ads appear beside playing videos and in search results. Video advertising works really well for clients who want to increase awareness around their brand or a specific service they offer.
  • Mobile Advertising: This is a sum of everything written above with the added benefit of a bit more customization specifically for mobile platforms.


Our team of experts will propose to you the most viable and cost-effective way of advertising with AdWords based on your business and goals.